09 Januari 2012

Converts share their experiences

Converts share their experiences

Perfect work
Islam’s coherent structure of moral teaching and practical life programme attracted me. It is a perfect work of architecture. All its parts complement each other: nothing is superfluous or lacking. - Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss)

True freedom
I am attracted to Islam’s concept of One God. Nothing is like Him. This belief in the Oneness of God librates man from servitude to any human being and this is true freedom. The direct relationship between God and His servants also attracted me. - Ibrahim Khalil (Philobus)

Islam is perfection Compared to other scriptures, The Qur’an is like the Sun compared to a match. Anyone who reads the Word of Allah with a mind that is not completely closed to the Truth, will become a Muslim - Saifuddin Dirk Walter Mosig

Inner Peace
When I read the Qur’an, I really felt that this is a belief that I should have. I can’t really explain it, only one who has reverted would understand, because it’s a feeling, an inner peace. - Canadian Sister

Books against Islam
I came to Islam after reading the books written against Islam. I felt that these writers feared the dynamism of Islam. They put it to utter disgrace because they feared it.

Oneness of God
It is pure monotheism. It has a clear moral system. No scripture expresses the message of the Oneness of God as clearly as The Qur’an – Yahya

Slow Dawning
It was a slow dawning. It wasn’t like I woke up one night and said ‘This is it’. Reading the Qur’an answered my questions of faith in a logical manner – Carole Strum

I am convinced that the Qur’an is the Word of God. Things mentioned in the Qur’an were discovered by scientists in the last 100 years. The only one who could have known those things 1400 years ago was God. – Khadija Evans

Because you cover yourself up you’are not seen as a sex symbol, and because people cant judge you on your appearance, they have to judge you as a Human Being. That’s quite liberating. You don’t need anything else once you’ve found Islam. – Bahiya Malik (Lucy Norris)

Having a mind that accepts ideas on their factual merit makes believing in a religion difficult because most religious require acceptance by faith. Islam appeals to man’s reasoning. – Dr. Jeffery Lang

When I became a servent of Allah, I became liberated from all other forms of servitude. Others may thing they are liberated but they are addicted to hoarding wealth, unlawful sec and intoxicants. – Yahya Donald W. Flood

Nothing irrational
The logical and fascination style of The Qur’an penetrated deep into my soul. In Islam there is no irrational or unbelievable tenet or anything contradictory to modern science. – Dr Hamid Marcus


Apabila datang pertolongan Allah dan kemenangan (semasa engkau wahai Muhammad berjaya menguasai negeri Mekah). Dan engkau melihat manusia masuk dalam agama Allah beramai-ramai. Maka ucapkanlah tasbih dengan memuji Tuhanmu dan mintalah ampun kepadaNya, sesungguhnya Dia amat menerima taubat.
(An-Nasr 110:1-3)

sesungguhnya Allah akan menolong sesiapa yang menolong agamaNya (agama Islam); sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuat, lagi Maha Kuasa; -
(Al-Hajj 22:40)


Sesiapa yg nak share, sila sebarkan, tidak perlu minta izin.Ilmu ini datangnya dari Allah, untuk setiap manusia...

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